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Working from home? Back in the office? Not the perfect workstation setup? We have over 15 years' experience massaging in offices, events, and homes all over London and beyond.

Chair massage offers the opportunity to easily receive a massage, practically wherever you want. Based on pressure points, manipulation of muscle fibres and stretching with no need for oils or lotions, these massages allow you to fit the treatment easily in your working day without having to plan ahead too much.

Offices, with long hours focusing and sitting or standing in front of screens, can be quite demanding environments for both body and mind. In our experience massaging in workplaces we have repeatedly witnessed how massage, even a short one, can interrupt the cycle of accumulation of tension and offer a good reset opportunity to your body.

Following the recent change in working practices, chair massage can be an incentive for staff to work back in the office. It's a great opportunity for companies to look after their staff, thus creating a happier office environment.

Chair ari 1.jpg

Our chair massage is performed on a very comfortable specifically designed chair that offers the therapist great access to work on your whole back and particularly the middle and upper section of it, and your neck and arms (all areas that work particularly hard in offices environments). The massages are fully clothed and can be done in a small space. Our choice of music will make you feel like you've been transported to a more tranquil setting.
Onsite chair massage is more than just a luxury, it's more like maintenance for the body, so that you can work and keep your body balanced. Plus, it just feels really good!
We have completed Covid awareness training from world renowned cross infection specialist Jennifer Young, and have kept abreast of recent developments for your utmost safety.

Once we decided to make our own business, we took a few photos on a sunny day in our local park. One picture stood out in particular in highlighting the two main colours of the day; blue and green. The name stuck and evolved into Blue In Green (invoking the spirit of Miles Davis). Upon further investigation, blue and green combined make the colour Teal.
Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the healing qualities of green, resulting in a colour that can be both soothing and reinvigorating at the same time - just like a Blue In Green Massage.

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